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Læs mere om FLUGT - her ses atrium gården i museet
The creation of FLUGT
The creation of FLUGT


FLUGT – Refugee Museum of Denmark opened its doors to the public on 29 June 2022, but before the opening of the new museum came many years of work, and many different people, foundations and institutions have been involved along the way.

So many people to thank

A museum like FLUGT could have never been realized if not for the many foundations, institutions and private individuals who have contributed along the way.

Additional sponsors

Jyllands-Postens Fond, Spar Nord Fonden, Dronning Margrethes og Prins Henriks Fond, Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge, Michael Jebsen Fonden, Hermann-Niermann-Stiftung, William Demant Fonden, NemByg A/S, SuperBrugsen Oksbøl

Donations via fundraising

Yvonne Thygesen, Niels H. Larsen, Henriette Moos, Carsten Olsen, Tilde Mose, Kit Larsen, Asger Hansen Brøndum, Sanne Hansen Brøndum, Niels Ole Beck, Ivan Zavalnikov, Max Marbæk, Hanne Marie Evald, Stefanie Schneider, Hos Pigerne, Andreas Kossert, Ane Frost Hedegaard, Aage Charles Hansen, Heide Baden, Elisabeth Baden, Fru Hansen, Marianne Sørensen, Gitte Røn Dalsgaard, Brian Thuesen, Sofia Thuesen, Sander Thuesen, Emil Blaabjerg Nielsen, Anton Blaabjerg Nielsen, Emma Blaabjerg Nielsen, Holger Grumme, Jörg Baden, Anne Sofie Vemmelund Christensen, Eric Lauridsen, Jimi Rosa, Jesper Kirkbak, Martin Hessellund Petersen, Julie Lolk, Stina Andresen, Dr. Nils Köhler, Line Vittrup Simonsen, Karen Fisker, Ida Cecilie Jensen, Peter Meldgaard, Marianne Kobbelgaard Meyer, Elin Gjødsbøl, Henning Skjoldager

Main sponsors


Denmark’s new international museum for refugee stories

FLUGT – Refugee Museum of Denmark is Denmark’s new international museum for refugee stories.


The aim of FLUGT is to tell the story of the largest stream of refugees that Denmark has ever received – a story unknown to many people. But the museum also tells the story of the countless refugees who have arrived in Denmark in recent years. FLUGT turns statistics into people and conveys the universal issues, emotions and all the complex details associated with the plight of being a human being on the run. Both in the past and in the present.


– Claus Kjeld Jensen, museum director

Museum director Claus Kjeld Jensen

Claus Kjeld Jensen

International-Calibre, Story-Telling Architecture

FLUGT is designed by the world-renowned BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group and is in a league of its own.


FLUGT tackles a theme that is part of our history, and that has just become highly topical again with the impending influx of refugees from the war in Ukraine. So, we have created an architectural setting that connects past and present, in which the new built structures are directly shaped by their connection to the historical buildings. This project has been close to my heart and the heart of the practice, given that it will convey to visitors one of the greatest challenges facing the world today: how we welcome and care for our global fellow citizens when they have been forced to flee. The project continues our collaboration with Varde Museums and Claus Kjeld Jensen on Tirpitz. The same uncompromising approach to the architecture forms the basis for FLUGT.


– Bjarke Ingels, architect

FLUGT – Refugee Museum of Denmark

Designed by BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group

Bjarke Ingels besøger byggepladsen FLUGT

Bjarke Ingels

Exhibition Design – Where Statistics Become People

Udstillingerne i FLUGT er skabt af det prisvindende hollandske firma, Tinker Imagineers. I et innovativt og levende oplevelsesdesign føres gæsterne gennem lyd, billeder og interaktive elementer ind i fortællingerne.


We feel honoured to design such a prestigious project in Denmark. Creating a museum about this topical issue has made the assignment especially relevant and meaningful to us. This is the type of challenge we love. We have worked with Vardemuseerne and Bjarke Ingels Group before and are delighted to do so again because of their shared ambition and quality. It will be very exciting and challenging to combine personal histories with social impact and turn FLUGT into an uplifting visitor experience.


– Erik Bär, founder and director, Tinker Imagineers

Erik Bär, founder and director, Tinker Imagineers

Erik Bär

Inauguration of FLUGT

On Saturday 25 June 2022, FLUGT – Refugee Museum of Denmark was inaugurated by H.M. The Queen. Also present were Germany's Vice-Chancellor, Robert Habeck, Minister of the Interior and Housing, Christian Rabjerg Madsen, and Minister of Immigration and Integration, Kaare Dybvad Bek.

Indvielse af FLUGT

H.M. Dronningen hilser på prominente gæster
Direktør Claus Kjeld Jensen byder Tysklands vicekansler, Robert Habeck, velkommen
Director Claus Kjeld Jensen bids Germany's Vice-Chancellor, Robert Habeck welcome
Arkitekt Bjarke Ingels ankommer til indvielsen
Architect Bjarke Ingels arrives for the inauguration
H.M. Dronningen hilser på Vardes borgmester Mads Sørensen
H.M. The Queen greets Varde's mayor Mads Sørensen
Velkomsttaler i teltet for det inviterede publikum
Speeches in the tent for an invited audience
H.M. Dronningen klipper snoren til det nye museum
H.M. The Queen cuts the ribbon for the new museum
Direktør Claus Kjeld Jensen viser H.M. Dronningen rundt på museet
Director Claus Kjeld Jensen shows H.M. The Queen around the museum


Denmark's new international museum for refugee stories. We look forward to seeing you.