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An immersive experience
An immersive experience

FLUGT – an important museum

FLUGT is the first museum in the world dedicated to refugee stories. In addition to the story of the German refugees from the Second World War, FLUGT tells the story of the last hundred years of refugee flows that have affected Denmark.
Permanent exhibition

Refugees at all times

Who are the actual people hidden away behind the headlines and statistics we encounter in the media? How does flight impact a person? What is ‘home’?

On the basis of stories of refugees from countries such as Germany, Hungary, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Syria, the exhibition turns statistics into people and conveys the universal experiences, thoughts and emotions associated with the plight of being a human being on the run.

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Permanent exhibition

Refugee Camp Oksbøl

Immerse yourself in the history of the refugee camp, which was Denmark’s fifth largest city. Through powerful tales and objects, you hear about life in the camp.

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Flygtningelejr Oksbøl
Outdoor experience

The Refugee Cemetery

Visit the Refugee Cemetery, which is located right next to the museum. 1796 German refugees and soldiers are buried here, and the cemetery is visited
every year by many German descendants.

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Refugee cemetary
Outdoor experience

Audiowalk in the former refugee camp

Leave the museum building, put on your headphones and walk through the time portal. Now you are back in 1946, when there was a refugee camp right here in Aal Plantation.

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Denmark's new international museum for refugee stories. We look forward to seeing you.