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An outdoor experience
An outdoor experience

Audiowalk in former refugee camp

Leave the museum building, put on your headphones and walk through the time portal. Now you are back in 1946, when there was a refugee camp right here in Aal Plantation.

Prepare to travel back in time to Refugee Camp Oksbøl anno 1946

Your guide will take you on a walk along the camp’s original paths and roads. Part of the route follow the main road of the camp, Hauptstraβe, where you can explore the camp’s kitchen, workshop and school. In the distance, you will suddenly hear a theatre band rehearsing. As you get closer, the theatre manager will welcome you inside the building. In 1946, this was Theater Oxbøl. During your walk, you will meet some of the camp’s residents and get a sense of what life in the refugeecamp was like.

The route starts with a time portal that takes you back to 1946

In 1946, Refugee Camp Oksbøl was the largest refugee camp in Denmark. It is also the largest refugee camp in Danish history. The camp occupied approx. four square kilometers. Today only a few buidings remain and the area has turned to forest. On the tour through the woods, you get very close to the history of the camp and the German refugees. Who were they? How did they live? How was the camp built? And what did everyday life look like for the more than 35,000 German refugees who lived here?

The story is told right where it took place: on the preserved paths in the forest. A combination of radio theater and physical installations in the woods create an immersive experience of life in the camp. A piece of local and international history – the story of when Oksbøl housed Denmark’s largest refugee camp.

Map of the refugee camp. Roads and paths are still preserved in the forest
Map of the audio walk
Installations in the forest help to support the story


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